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A sentence absolving the administrators from liability

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  2. A sentence absolving the administrators from liability

At the beginning of BLOG http://wp.me/pMXkE-36 the issue is discussed about a company that had urged a liability claim against the administrators. Commercial Court No.2 in Barcelona pronounced Sentence Number 251/11 in which it was established on one hand that the debt of the defendant company existed with the claimant, which nobody denied, but in addition, it condemned the lack of responsibility on behalf of the company administrative agencies.

The reasons for this ruling both accept and reaffirm the approach carried out by our office in response to the claim and sets out within its contents the criteria which are followed for the claim of responsibility. These are, not so much the fact that society ´de facto´has disappeared as that it continues with its usual changes and deals and, that ultimately the company´s balance of funds at the time of obtaining credit was not negative nor below the legal minimum.
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